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Choosing a potter’s wheel for home use

A potter’s wheel is used to form pottery, and it is one of the most essential pieces of equipment necessary for the pottery production process.

The trouble is that there are so many kinds that differ widely in terms of operation and quality, that buying one turns out to be something of a minefield!

In order to assist you, we have compiled this guide to inform you of the key points to keep in mind when buying a pottery wheel. We’ve also identified the top choices currently available to save you some guesswork.

What are electric pottery wheels?

A potter’s wheel is a device used for turning or forming round pottery like pots, vases, cups, etc. The clay is put on the wheel, which rotates uniformly as the potter manually turns the clay into an even round form.

An electric potter’s wheel would be a newer type of potter’s wheel that runs on – you guessed it – power. Another key kind of potter’s wheel is the more conventional stepping wheel, which doesn’t use electricity, but instead is operated by the potter’s foot.

Electric potter’s wheels are more lightweight and portable in comparison to stepping wheels.

As a result, they are more convenient to move around. Moreover, the making of pottery is more rapid with electric potter’s wheels. The downside is that electric pottery wheels may be rather loud. In addition, they rely on electricity, as opposed to potter’s wheels.

You also have to consider that many electric pottery wheels are equipped with a foot treadle. Thus, they are not true potter’s wheels, since they are not driven by the treadling motion of the potter. This pedal is actually used to adjust the speed – but is driven by power.

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Best Pottery Wheel Forming Machine for Beginners

Best Choice – SKYTOU Pottery Wheel Pottery Forming Machine

SKYTOU Pottery Wheel Pottery Forming Machine

Skytou potter’s wheel is a medium-sized professional machine that has been created for novices or home craftsmen. Featuring a foot treadle, this electric potter’s wheel is comfortable to use and is great for novices and students to operate. The potter’s wheel is 25 cm in diameter, giving you plenty of room to work with pottery.

The potter’s wheel is of superior construction to guarantee a durable service life and features a thick structure that is built for longevity and strength to resist the stresses and strains brought on by use. Mud is used in the production of pottery, which at times results in stains. The Skytou pottery wheel comes with superior mud protection as a part of its construction structure.

The machine body features a spray treatment with prominent features with a humanized design to offer you a calm and pleasant feeling while you are working. The machine is easy to be cleaned after using by just taking off the detachable basin.

The machine is designed with reduced rigidity, it is built, so that allows you to use it effectively and at the same time have flexible options that encourage the creation of the finest pottery. Among the key areas of the machine that demonstrates versatility is the inclusion of a grip and foot treadle, allowing it to be readily maneuvered and operated. The potter’s wheel turns steadily and generates less noise.

The direction of rotation of the potter’s wheel can be set clockwise and counterclockwise alternately to enable various patterns on the pottery being turned. The shaping device could be applied to the throwing and forming process. This is used for educational purposes in schools and for domestic use.

A pottery wheel is an electric machine with a nominal power of 350 W, featuring a single-phase three-wire supply with earth leakage protection, to ensure that the unit can be used safely and securely. The unit is built with top-grade tools and components, the brushless motor in the potter’s wheel enables a rotational speed of up to 300 rpm.


  • It can be safely used by beginners or junior students.
  • The potter’s wheel is manufactured with a secure option.
  • Portable.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Ease of cleaning.
  • Wheel with 25 cm diameter.
  • Comfortable foot treadle.
  • Detachable ABS basin.


  • The size of the pot that can be molded on it is restricted.

Mophorn Pottery Wheel Pottery Forming Machine

Mophorn Pottery Wheel Pottery Forming Machine

Mophorn potter’s wheel is a convenient, stylish product, which also features a compact structure. It is perfect for both professional and hobby pottery artists.

This potter’s wheel comes with a 9.8-inch plate, a foot treadle that leaves your hands free to handle the clay, and a disc that turns softly and silently. It’s also simple to change the direction of the disc’s rotation. In addition, the clay cannot enter the unit due to the superior design, which guarantees a durable life. It can readily handle big pieces of clay that may be as much as 5 pounds in weight to work with.

The sophisticated, premium brushless engine enables a rotational rate of 0-300 RPM. It also has a detachable ABS bowl that enables it to be cleaned with ease.

Besides the machine, you also get a kit of shaping tools with your purchase.

The users are enthusiastic about how good this item is for novices. It can operate at low speed, high speed, and absolutely everything in the middle. Also some like the fact that they can switch the direction of the wheel by just turning a button on the side.


  • The foot treadle could be applied to enhance the operating speed.
  • A special three-wire connection is supplied with ground fault protection.
  • It is entirely composed of long-lasting materials.


  • The wheel becomes slower when you are working with a heavyweight.

VIVOHOME Pottery Wheel Forming Machine

VIVOHOME Pottery Wheel Forming Machine

The VIVOHOME pottery wheel is one more awesome pottery wheel solution for you to start if you wish to transform your hobby into a career by making nice clay pottery and getting your hands dirty. This portable electric machine can fulfill your demands of creating nice-looking pieces of pottery and refine your molding talents.

When you work with a pottery wheel, you will want things to be accurate, neither too quick nor too slow. An adjustable speed is a perfect way to reach this level. The Vivohome potter’s wheel is fitted with an adjustable foot treadle, which you can use to adjust the speed of the wheel’s rotation.

The Vivohome’s variable speed lets you continue to work with your hands at the same time you use your legs to maintain control over the speed of rotation while performing the tasks of your hand on the wheel. The wheel control is adjusted to offer you the maximum degree of control over your output.

The housing of the potter’s wheel is constructed to resist the stress of extended use or change of location. It consists of a steel plate, which is painted in color to emphasize the attractiveness of the potter’s wheel while being resistant to rust and corrosion. The wheel is 25 cm in diameter and is constructed of aluminum alloy.

The structural integrity features a protective guard to keep the electrical connections protected around the machine.

The potter’s wheel operates at a low noise level of slightly less than 60 dB, enabling improved focus when creating items. The rotation rate also adds to the low noise level; the rotation rate can achieve a top speed of 300 rpm. The potter’s wheel considers the use by a number of users, both the demand of professional craftsmen and amateur users.


  • It is multi-purpose and suitable for use by either amateurs or experts.
  • The reduced noise enables improved focus while working.


  • It has a turntable of small diameter.

Mein LAY Updated 350W LCD Pottery Wheel Machine

Mein LAY Updated 350W LCD Pottery Wheel Machine

The Mein Lay Updated Pottery Wheel features a lot of great features indeed. It comes with a big and reactive foot pedal that lets you adjust the speed. It also offers a detachable sink that acts like a spray pan and is easily cleaned.

The Mein Lay pottery wheel also features an LCD display that shows the speed of the wheel. The handy LCD screen is a water-resistant and beautiful touch.

The item has a premium brushless engine that can turn the wheel head at a rate of up to 300 rpm. Its wheel head measures 9.8 inches (or 25 cm) in diameter, so it should be sufficient for completing the majority of small and medium-sized projects. Moreover, it comes with an output power of 350 W.


  • Detachable bowl and pedal: you can easily use a pedal that is a big and fast response to control the speed. It is very easy to clean a detachable bowl and a splash guard will keep most of the dirt from getting in the room.
  • Waterproof LCD Screen: There is excellent clarity to display the speed of the LCD screen and clearly get to know what speed is appropriate for the work. The LCD screen makes it highly comfortable to check the intensity and velocity of turning.
  • High-grade and eco-friendly: the wheel is simple to establish and operates calmly and softly. And the spinning direction can be changed clockwise or counterclockwise. It does not cause you to waste too much current.
  • Reliable protection design: single-phase three-wire supply with ground fault protection device for secure and safe use. A high-grade brushless engine enables rotating speed from 0-300rpm.
  • Broad application: appropriate for kid’s pottery lessons, pottery workshops, or DIY home use, to suit the majority of both professional and amateur pottery fans. Wonderful present for you and your family!


  • Mein LAY 25CM pottery wheel is simple to use.
  • The compact design avoids the penetration of mud.
  • This pottery wheel features a brushless motor that runs at 0-300 rpm.


  • It will be a little slow running if you work with big-sized items.

FLBETYY Pottery Wheel Forming Machine Electric Pottery Wheel

FLBETYY Pottery Wheel Forming Machine Electric Pottery Wheel

Coming up next, it’s another electrically operated pottery wheel that seems to be an over-the-bar pottery maker’s aid. Its name is FLBETYY Pottery Wheel Forming Machine and we are going to get you through the in-depth breakdown of its functions.

It is quite a high-quality pottery wheel-making machine where it is electrically driven. To make it move just like exactly what you like, there are both forward and reverse bidirectional controls. The two-way control is a pretty outstanding selling feature of this model that we’re going to lay our spotlight on.

This provides you with literally tons of freedom in shaping and scaling your workpiece just the way you like.

The engine of this model is capable of turning the wheel at a maximum rate of 300 rpm. The engine is brushless. Thus, the performance of the motor is quite steady, silent, powerful, and long-lasting. No need to be concerned about replacing the engine in the coming years.

The treadle of this model is designed fairly self-contained. This allows you to use your hands in the best possible way to deal with the clay model. The surface of the foot treadle is sufficiently big that you can use it easily.

Moreover, you can pull back the treadle entirely as you wish. Changing between speeds is fairly quick and will not interfere with the control of the form and size of the object.

The performance of this model is 300 watts, which is pretty respectable. No battery-operated power supply is introduced in this wheel, and we think that is pretty needless too. Aluminum alloy has been used to design the entire model, and no rust trap is likely to take place on this kit. Therefore, you can expect a 5-10 years’ lifespan from this FLBETYY potter’s wheel. But considering the electric power demand, you have to be quite careful about there. Otherwise, it could result in short circuit issues.


  • Perfect potter’s wheel suitable for home use.
  • Adjustable speed may be controlled by hand or foot pedal.
  • Silent electric engine.
  • Needs only a little space.
  • Outstanding value.


  • There have also been a couple of complaints regarding the usefulness of the foot pedal.
  • A number of users were deterred by the lack of instructions supplied with the potter’s wheel.

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The advantages of the potter’s wheel

Boost your productivity

By adopting the newest potter’s wheel with high-performance engines and greater efficiency, we can get maximum output products. With the progress in technology, people are hooked on the newest potter’s wheels that provide them with maximum efficiency. Handmade items are back in trend, and people choose handmade products rather than machine-made items.


There is something very soothing about the art of pottery making. As the wheel spins and the natural aroma of the clay hits your nose and soothes your mind. This joy cannot be found in any other place, as working with pottery brings a lot of health advantages.

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How to use a potter’s wheel?

In this spot of the potter’s wheel reviews, we have prepared a comprehensive step-by-step guide on using potter’s wheels at home. Sounds intriguing? Well, let’s get started!

Step 1: Collect the proper clay, to begin with. The majority of pottery wheels are supplied with their own dried clay, or at the very least, a refill package.
Step 2: Put the clay in the center of the pottery wheel. Do not immediately discard it.
Step 3: Begin to turn the clay at low speed. At this point, use both hands and keep them against the spinning clay. This will make the clay into a cone shape.
Step 4: Center the clay one more time to ensure that the outer surface is spinning properly. By doing this, it is anticipated that the outer surface will be free of any imperfections or wiggles.
Step 5: Make an opening in the center of the model. Begin by forming a center and steady it until you turn it into a hole.
Step 6: Now form the outer surface to create the walls. Also, press the bottom together to give it a flawless appearance.

pottery wheels for beginners

Buying guide (What to look for)

Service life

Deciding if you want to get a hand-powered or an electric wheel also comes down to durability. Manually driven wheels tend to make it last a lifetime if properly maintained. There aren’t a lot of choices to pick from, and you will have to perform all jobs manually. This can cause muscular tiredness and pain in the joints.
If you have chosen an electric wheel, it may last over 10 years or longer if set up and maintained appropriately. It has many benefits, including an LCD display, an electric engine, steady turning, and an electric foot treadle. It is going to speed up your work and increase your work efficiency.


Pottery making is a thing that is supposed to be enjoyed in a more peaceful place. If pottery wheels are making noise, it becomes tough to work. Usually, electric pottery wheels create too much noise due to the engine. But there are some sophisticated electric wheels that have brushless engines that produce less noise. You should try to get an electric potter’s wheel that produces less noise and keeps for a long time.

Working area

There are pottery wheels that do not offer a lot of space for working, and you have to get the space covered before starting to do the job. Take this point into account as well before choosing a potter’s wheel. When you get a pottery wheel that has a collecting tray, it is a lot preferable. It offers you more room and keeps you from mud splashes. This kind of potter’s wheels is also great for long-term projects.

Besides, some electric wheels only consist of a wheel head, a border, and a current supply. Others contain work surfaces that are available in different sizes, and some have an elevated edge to keep you protected from splashes. These areas also can be used for storing tools. Such wheels are portable, lightweight, and compact.

Engine power

There is not a lot to mention when talking about manually driven wheels, as they rely on your own input of power. The rate is in your hand, the harder you push it, the more it will turn.

As for the horsepower of the electric wheel engine, it is preferable to get an electric wheel with power greater than 1 horsepower.

Having more horsepower provides the wheel with more speed and acceleration. With more power, the wheel will operate much faster and more effectively. The 1 horsepower motor is able to handle 150 pounds of clay at a time, however, if you are convinced of your work and have specialized knowledge, opt for an electric wheel that has more horsepower.

In summary, do the following before you buy a pottery wheel:

  1. Be sure that the characteristics of the wheel correspond to your specific needs.
  2. Compare the same wheel on several websites.
  3. Verify the duration and conditions of the warranty.
  4. Make sure to compare the prices of similar potter’s wheels.
  5. Review and compare ratings on each pottery wheel.
  6. Attend some pottery classes to allow you to begin testing and experimenting with various wheels and brands.

Best brands of best pottery wheel for home use


Price of pottery wheels for home use

Pottery wheels under 250$:

  • SKYTOU Pottery Wheel Pottery Forming Machine.
  • Mophorn Pottery Wheel Pottery Forming Machine.
  • VIVOHOME Pottery Wheel Forming Machine.
  • Mein LAY Updated 350W LCD Pottery Wheel Machine.

Pottery wheels under 300$:

  • FLBETYY Pottery Wheel Forming Machine Electric Pottery Wheel/


Q: How much electricity does a potter’s wheel consume?

A: That all depends on how many kilowatts the wheel’s engine uses and the time it operates. A small electric pottery wheel can consume only 1/4 kilowatt (250 watts), whereas big pottery wheels can use over 30 kW (3,000 watts).

Q: How powerful a potter’s wheel should be?

A: The main factor influencing the output of a potter’s wheel is its weight. The more the mass, the lower the effort needed to spin the wheel. Big commercial potter’s wheels are often more than 500 pounds in weight and may be driven by foot pedals or electric engines.

Q: Are pottery wheels messy?

A: The honest reply to this question is “yes, but that doesn’t really matter”. After you get used to working on a potter’s wheel, you find that it would be no joy if it wasn’t messy. The messier your hands get at the end of a sitting, the more comfortable you are with what you’ve made and achieved.


If you’re looking to get a potter’s wheel to start making pottery at home or in your studio, you’re spoiled for choice. From small and portable tabletop units to heavier pottery wheels that spin constantly, the decision is ultimately yours. The best way to learn all the intricacies of pottery is to take a pottery class. As mentioned earlier, you can easily spend a large sum of money on a piece of equipment that you don’t even know how to use. Education is the way to go. Research extensively about the different types and styles of pottery wheels. And most importantly, just enjoy your new hobby.

Additional Questions

What is the optimal choice of pottery wheel for novice potters?

For those just beginning their journey into the world of pottery, it would be wise to start with an electric-powered pottery wheel. Why is it such a great bet for beginners? Simple – Electric pottery wheels offer consistent speed, something beginners will need to get the fundamentals down. When it comes to specifics, we’d suggest investing in a direct-drive wheel if your budget allows. Direct-drive units are a little pricier, but the extra cost is justified by the improved power, precision, and durability they deliver. They’re also less likely to need repairs, which suits individuals who prefer a relatively maintenance-free option.

What is a reasonable amount to budget for when purchasing a pottery wheel?

Planning to translate your love for pottery into a more serious pursuit of the craft? Then consider exploring mid-range pottery wheels. You should prepare to invest anywhere between $400 and $1000. What makes this price range attractive? Mid-range wheels are often equipped with advanced features and they’re made from better quality materials that enhance their performance and extend their lifespan. So, you see, the extra spend translates into tangible benefits that facilitate your progress from the beginner level to become a more proficient potter.

Is it possible to set up a pottery wheel at home?

Absolutely! Having a pottery wheel set up at home can be a real boon for people who are passionate about pottery. However, you’ll want to ensure you have a specified area of about 1 meter around your wheel for it to function effectively. Remember, pottery can be a messy job, so this space allows for the inevitable spills and splashes. Pick a location that can withstand some mess – a garage is an excellent choice, but balconies or even dedicated corners of living rooms can fit the bill. However, always remember to protect your floors or carpets from possible staining.

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