Best Tattoo Markers & Pens for Drawing on Skin


Looking to create stunning temporary body art or tattoos? You’re in the right place. I’ve tested and found the best tattoo marker out there in my opinion – the BIC BodyMark Temporary Tattoo Marker. It’s safe, versatile, and the ink is incredibly vibrant.

I’ve also personally tested and listed a selection of other top-notch tattoo markers and pens below for more specialized use cases!

Best Tattoo Markers & Pens for Drawing on Skin

  1. IC BodyMark Temporary Tattoo Marker – “Safe, versatile, and bright”
  2. Vanli’s Temporary Tattoo Pens – “Colorful, safe, and inspiring”
  3. Blue Squid Face Paint Crayons for Kids – “Fun, safe, and vibrant”
  4. UV Glow – Neon UV Paint Stick/Face & Body Crayon – “Glowing, exciting, and durable”
  5. ZXUEZHENG Surgical Tip Markers – “Precise, medical-grade, and persistent”

Each of these products has unique features that make them stand out. For more detailed information, please refer to the full reviews below.

Best Choice – BIC BodyMark Temporary Tattoo Marker

BIC BodyMark Temporary Tattoo Marker

No one can sacrifice safety to be more attractive. Taking this slogan as a starting point, BIC BodyMark Temporary Tattoo Marker is ready to turn your body canvas into a perfect creative field. The flexible affair is, it can succeed in drawing a fine line for a more accurate painting. Not just the fine line, when you need wide or fat lines, BIC also enables for a bold statement on your body.
The ink in this marker is more bright and clear. Any tattoos you are going to draw on your skin will show up in a more detailed and clear way. This is a standard black tattoo ink that most tattoo artists use for making temporary tattoos.

The customer appreciation of this product is extremely high. Tattoos keep for just a couple of hours. The users are able to get rid of them with ease by just washing them off with soap. No extra adhesive or glue-like remains are left once removed.

BIC is completely safe and will not create any skin issues. The only issue with BIC is that you may not get a productive outcome on a wet finish. And it needs a bit extra time to fully dry.

Main Features:

  • Cosmetic quality: this is a tattoo marker, however, it is cosmetic grade. BIC comes into production having passed all cosmetic specifications for their markers. Just you have to test before drawing the tattoo in case you got sensitive skin.
  • Safe: Since it is a marker pen, it is likely to irritate the skin. However, the great news is that it will never produce any irritation on the skin. So you can conclude that it’s a reliable but awesome tool for body makeover.
  • Broader effect: you can get only a few tattoo markers that can draw the thin line and the thick dashes. BIC is one of such awesome tattoo markers; It can make both an accurate image and draw a more daring image. The supple tip that it has is great for both uses.
  • Bright and multi-purpose: It is a full set of eight different markers. People can choose to go with a wide variety of styles for any particular event (like sporting activities, parties, any particular occasion, and so much more).


  • A flexible point that produces both thin and bold lines.
  • Looks bright and clear on the skin
  • Black ink is perfect for patterning a tattoo.
  • Stays for up to a few days and will not leave a sticky residue.
  • Secure to apply on the skin (do not use on injured places or close to the eyes).


  • It is better to use it on dry surfaces than on wet skin.
  • Keep in mind to wipe it off well, since wet spots may stain your clothes.

Vanli’s Temporary Tattoo Pens

Vanli's Temporary Tattoo Pens

Vanli’s Temporary Tattoo Pens provides all you need from a body art marker set: a certified safe application, nice colors, and assured high quality.
Let’s have a look at what’s contained in this extensive kit. To begin with, we have six primary colors featuring subtle tips for fine line drawings, writing, and contouring. There are seven brush pens with vivid metallic tones in bronze, gold, silver, and more to enhance your selection of art techniques.

In addition, there are also fifty adorable, refined, or creative tattoo designs in five templates that you can draw on your skin. Newbies who are eager to create body tattoos can find inspiration from these lovely pictures. This product is definitely worth our suggestion because it is safe for use on the skin. This marker collection complies with US cosmetic and ASTM norms. Nevertheless, you need to be mindful that the ink does not get into your eyes, lips, or close to delicate or allergic skin.

Let’s say your experience with these markers for skin tattoos is not up to your safety and quality expectations. If this is the situation, you can send the item back and have your money returned if you seek the brand’s assistance.

Though, these skin markers can gradually fade if you leave the designs to soak in water. Other than that, it can remain for a pretty long period of time.

Main features:

  • Skin-safe ink: all the marker pens come with non-toxic pigments. These pigments are compiled with ASTM & USA cosmetic standards and are of a natural origin.
  • Premium ingredients: the components of this tattoo marker are a few non-toxic natural pigments, sodium sulfate, sodium carbonate, sodium lignosulfonate, titanium dioxide, and water. All of these ingredients are gentle on the skin and will not leave a messy, sticky mess after cleaning.
  • Vibrant Color: Any of these temporary tattoo pens could perform a nice color on the skin. It includes 6 fine felt tattoo pens, 7 metallic brush pens, and 50 pieces of templates paper among the product package.
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction: Only a restricted product can please you with its quality, service, and longevity. Luckily, Vanli’s temporary tattoo pen provides you with a satisfaction guarantee.


  • Lovely kit with six basic colors featuring fine and thin tips.
  • Contains additional seven brush pens for metallic tones.
  • Includes fifty tattoo patterns in five templates.
  • Complies with US cosmetic standards and ASTM for safety use on skin.
  • Money refund policy if you are not happy.


  • It is recommended to stay away from water.

Blue Squid Face Paint Crayons for Kids

Blue Squid Face Paint Crayons for Kids

Are you on the hunt for an inexpensive pack of body-friendly crayons to use at your young one’s Halloween party or everyday coloring games? Your long quest can be over thanks to the Blue Squid Face Paint Crayons for kids.

Ready to be caught by surprise? Here you go: This set comes with thirty-six crayons at the same cost as the regular 6- to 8-piece ranges. If you choose to go ahead and get this set, your kids and friends are going to enjoy endless fun using these multiple colors. Also included is a durable case that holds all of the pens snugly for travel or storage.

There are twenty-eight pencils in classic colors and eight of them in metallic among the pencils. This signifies that your children will be able to provide their lovely sketches with a glossy shimmer that will add more vividness and exceptionality to the completed images.

The key factor that has made this range the product of preference for many parents when it goes to face and body painting is its overall safety. The pigments can be used for cosmetic makeup, suitable even for sensitive skin. These crayons are hypoallergenic, so they will neither irritate nor cause inflammation to your young ones’ skin.

And once your kids and their friends are finished colorings, the drawings can be cleaned off quickly with a bit of soap and warm water. There is no need for scrubbing, and they are all clean and ready for supper! However, these crayons have fairly soft tips, meaning they can often smear if you push too much. However, for a child’s game, this might make for a fun piece.

Main features:

  • Suitable for sensitive skin: These facial pencils are safe for delicate skin. All of them are rated super commercial and US complaints. Thus, perfect for both toddlers or users who have delicate skin.
  • Multi-purpose: Face Paint Crayons give you a multi-purpose use for parties or any other festive events. You can use this product for school fairs, religious events, carnivals, birthday parties, army camouflage, military achievements, belly dancing, drama shows, role-playing, any superhero-type activities, and so forth.
  • Thrilling Free Bonus: Once you pick a Blue Squid article, you will immediately gain admission to a stunning free bonus. You and your kid will get the excess for online kid makeup.


  • A cost-effective investment of thirty-six markers.
  • Includes a durable pouch for traveling and storing.
  • Unleashes your imagination with twenty-eight traditional colored pencils and eight metallic pencils.
  • A cosmetic grade makeup ranges for delicate skin.
  • Cleans up effortlessly with warm water and soap, eliminating the need for scrubbing.


  • Soft tips can become smudged if too much pressure is applied.

UV Glow – Neon UV Paint Stick/Face & Body Crayon

UV Glow Paint StickFace & Body Crayon

When you are searching for a top-quality UV blacklight, you may want to take UV Glow ink into account. The users are excited about the quality of this paint, yet do complain about the texture and over-drying.

This kit includes 8 vivid, bright neon colors that emit an immense fluorescent glow when exposed to UV light/blacklight. These colors are simple to put on, dry fast on the skin, stay the whole night, and easily rinse off with water. The package includes pink, orange, red, yellow, green, purple, white, and blue paint. This product may be a great option for clubbing, parties, and any place that has UV lighting.

Overall, the customers are pleased with the UV Glow Face & Body Paint. They like that the colors stay on for a long time and are easy to take off. Users also agree that they are great for glow-in-the-dark parties with black neon lights.

Main features:

  • Neon – in natural light, these face and body paints glow in bright neon colors. They glow spectacularly under UV light or black light, giving an unbelievable UV glow.
  • Multi-purpose – these neon makeup pens are great for a variety of events and causes, no matter if you are looking to create a Halloween-style statement, be prepared for festivals, or celebrate the night away and want a healthful UV glow.
  • Simple removal – these makeup pencils have no hazardous contents, making them simple to clean off from your skin using a standard makeup removal cloth.


  • Ultra-pigmented formula offers deep coverage.
  • Provides highly defined dimensions to eye and cheek area.
  • Gently smoothes over the lips to provide volume and definition.


  • The color of the blue paint isn’t as vibrant as the other shades.

ZXUEZHENG Surgical Tip Markers

ZXUEZHENG Surgical Tip Markers


They allow you to perfectly apply pre-designed tattoos on the skin. You can count on high-quality feathers and safe pigment for everyday sketches.

Most users find this set of three pens perfect for drawing neat lines of different thicknesses. While the most delicate pen features a thin tip of 0.5 mm, and the other two feature thicker points of 1 mm and 1.5 mm. Due to these different-sized pen tips, these markers are the perfect supplies for both microblading and tattoo artists. You can make different lines with every pen, according to the styles and ideas you want to create.

The thing that attracts the most about this collection to the user is the non-toxic medical-grade ink and high-quality nib. When left on the skin for hours, the pigment causes no irritation or redness, which is a testament to the product’s non-stimulating formula. Also, you can easily push on a bit firmly with no worries of breaking the tip anytime soon.

One more feature that might be both a selling point and a downside of this item is its persistent sticking to our skin. Such a durable marker, which will not fade when exposed to water and sun, can be beneficial in some circumstances. In other instances, if we need to get it off right away, we might need to rub quite hard with a soapy rag and warm water. But the good news is that low-concentration acidic alcohol can quickly get rid of them.

Main features:

  • Great for the skin: it is a medical-grade body marker. Doctors are using this marker to localize the spot where they will put the injection. Thus, these inks will never be harmful to your skin.
  • Work well: ZXUEZHENG Surgical Tip Markers are one hundred percent fine to work as per your on-skin request. Tattoos can stick to the skin better than a sharpie. If you use a primer before you draw with these pens, it might be more helpful.
  • Flawless microblading and micro-pigmentation: it is among the finest pens for drawing on the skin, perfect for microblading and micro-pigmentation. Regardless of the way you move your hands, your eyebrow will never change its shape. They are great to keep on the skin; eyebrows remain untouched for a long time.
  • Difficult to remove: these pens are excellent for drawing pictures for beautifying purposes or for locating injections. While a regular tattoo pen can be cleaned out in a few minutes, these pens tend to get removed in a few hours.


  • Three pens with tips of 0.5, 1, and 1.5 mm.
  • Perfect instruments for microblade and tattoo artists.
  • Non-toxic medical ink will not trigger skin irritation.
  • The high-quality nib can withstand pressure during writing.
  • Stays in place well despite underwater and sun exposure.


  • Can be removed with effort if not using low concentrated acidic alcohol.

Best markers to draw on skin buyer’s guide

The following factors must be taken into account when buying markers. The importance of these factors will vary according to the way they are used and the surroundings in which they are used. Some people may use them at their doctor’s practice, whereas some may use them as a part of their tattooing business.
Then again, kids might use them at school or simply for enjoyment. Grownups, however, use them during most celebrations. No matter what the situation is, this buying guide will tell you what you need to take into consideration.

Best brands of markers to draw on skin:

  • BIC.
  • Skin Companion.
  • Vanli’s.
  • UV Glow.
  • Blue Squid.

Price of markers to draw on skin

Markers to draw on the skin under 10$:

  • Blue Squid Face Paint Crayons for Kids

Markers to draw on the skin under 20$:

  • BIC BodyMark Temporary Tattoo Marker.
  • UV Glow – Neon UV Paint Stick/Face & Body Crayon.
  • ZXUEZHENG 3Pcs Surgical Tip Markers.

Markers to draw on the skin under 35$:

  • Vanli’s Temporary Tattoo Pens.

What to Look for When Buying Markers to Draw on Skin

When it comes to picking the best markers for drawing on the skin, we should consider a couple of things:

  • Safe and washable ink safety is always the top priority when you buy a product to be used directly on the body. So, it is always wisest to get ink that meets ASTM standards or carries a U.S. cosmetic certification. To reassure yourself, use a product that is certified as medically safe.

Some brands have all chemical components used and any cautions are written on the packaging or in the directions for use so customers know. If you discover that you are having an allergic reaction to one of the substances, you should opt for a different product instead of taking a risk. More significantly, when you buy a set for your children to enjoy with their friends, ensure that the pigment formula is non-toxic and has a minimal scent.

As body art is done with markers will only stay on for a couple of days maximum, it needs to be able to be rinsed off with no issues. Some of the products need nail polish remover, whereas some can only be cleaned off using low-concentration acidic alcohol or hand sanitizer. A permanent marker for the skin might need dedicated removing agents. Be sure to review the instructions ahead of time and be properly prepared if the painting goes wrong.

  • Marker tips – If you want to draw slim contours and detailed images, you should choose a thin or ultra-fine tip about 5 mm in size. A body art pen, which can also be used as an eyeliner, can effortlessly draw slim and smooth contours.

At the same time, we may need a brush pen to add colors and shades with thick strokes. In this case, a maker with a tip of 1.5 mm or larger is very useful. Young children also like this type of brush marker and enjoy crayons that are easy to color and have smooth tips.

The great thing is that there are sets with two tips to suit all writing, sketching, and coloring needs. These pens usually have a fine tip on one end and a regular tip or brush on the other. These are the handiest and most versatile tattoo pens for the skin that you can only dream of.

  • Colors – The number of colors and their impact should also be a key factor. For professional tattoo artists who often need to use black pens, having a few packets of this kind will be sufficient.

However, for other body art artists, younger artists, and those who enjoy discovering infinite art forms, a kit with a number of vivid colors is the most suitable option.

For your information, a number of sets are faithful with key colors, ranging from six to eight classic choices. Other ranges contain typical markers and a few metallic markers to provide a glimmering look to your artwork. Alternatively, you might be interested in the vibrancy and vividness of colored pencils.

What to look for when buying a drawing pen.

The priority of these factors depends on the type of use and the environment in which the device will be used. Some use it in their doctor’s office, others as part of tattoo service.

On the other hand, children may use it at school or just for fun. Adults use it in most festivities. Either way, these buying guides will tell you what to look for.

Quality and durability of the ink

When applying temporary tattoos to your skin, the first thing you should look for is the type of ink. The ink should flow continuously without dripping or smudging. Check the label for ink resistance and durability, which is the ability of the ink to retain its color until it fades.

If you plan to use it for surgical procedures, make sure it is resistant to standard medical preparations. Non-toxic pen and ink substances ensure carefree drawing on the skin.

Tip size and flexibility

For temporary tattoos on the skin, markers with a more flexible tip are needed so the pen can draw thinner or wider lines. Hard nibs are suitable for drawing fine lines and marks evenly. Physicians need them to draw skin outlines or marks accurately and cleanly.

Sterility and quality of care

If you plan to use your skin marker in a sterile environment such as an operating room, make sure it is bacteria-free and individually wrapped. Choose thinner nibs of 0.5 to 1.0 mm to make finer lines and more accurate drawings on the skin.

The quality of the ink should be durable and strong enough to remain clear and visible after normal cleaning or medical treatment.

Inclusion of kits or packages

Manufacturers always know what is best for their customers. They make sure you get what you need. Whether you are a doctor, a tattoo artist, or a hobbyist, you are sure to find a kit that suits you.

Always check the packaging for the number of pens, colors, or stencils you may need. Some even offer a guide with tips and instructions.

How do I draw with markers on my skin?

For those new to drawing, a few tricks and secrets:

  • The marker fill is initially dark, but all markers lighten after they dry. So don’t be lazy to make yourself a coloring of your markers, which is convenient to keep in front of your eyes while working – so you will spend less time looking for the right color.
  • You can make a darker tone by applying the same color in several layers.
  • The colors blend best when they are wet, so it should be done quickly. Although after drying, if you draw with a light color marker in the dark, you can achieve a brightening of some areas. However, it is not always possible and depends on the difference in tone and brand of your markers. The best way to lighten it with a blender
  • Drawing with a yellow paint marker over blue you get a green color (any other colors will also give a new shade or color when superimposed), this way you can expand your palette.
  • Drawing with markers should start with lighter colors, gradually moving to the darker ones.
  • To get a fill without gaps, you need to paint in a circular motion, rather than zigzagging. This will produce a smooth, uniform fill.

In some cases, you can mix markers directly on the rod, for example, by touching a dark marker to a light one. You have to be careful not to do this too much or the tips will get dirty. This also works with a blender.

If you want, you can change the tips of markers (rods). For example, they say that the rods from Sketchmarker match the Chinese markers. So if you want to try out for example how to paint with a brush, you can just buy the tips and put them in the marker. It definitely works with Copic – the bullet-shaped rods are elementarily interchangeable with the brushes.

The wide beveled tip of the marker perfectly fills large surfaces, and the “rib” of the tip makes neat thin lines and writes the details.

Place dots at once, adjusting the pressure. Never draw a circle to paint over it later, such an element looks sloppy.

It is better to make a preliminary sketch with the lightest marker, so that pencil lines won’t show through the finished drawing.


Q: How do I draw safely on my skin?

A: When you have delicate skin, read the labels carefully for precautions and allergic ingredients. Discontinue use right away if you experience any irritation or allergic responses. Washing your skin not only provides durable adhesion for the skin markers but also adds an extra layer of security when testing for skin issues before sketching.

Q: What pens can you use to draw on your skin?

A: Medicinal or bacteria-free skin markers provide the greatest safety for your skin, no matter if you use them for medical purposes or as a temporary skin decoration. Pens with long-lasting and uniform ink flow ensure accurate lines and drawings. Opt for skin markers containing non-toxic inks and compounds.

Q: Can ink from markers be poisonous for you?

A: The ink from pens and markers is regarded as mildly toxic, and it is challenging to be subjected to high levels of it. Thus, the probability of ink poisoning from swallowing ink from a pen or from contact with the skin or eyes is low.


The human skin is the biggest organ of the body. It is also subjected to different harmful substances and allergens. Thus, it is highly essential to pick the finest pens for drawing on the skin carefully. Make sure you always look at the tags and precautionary statements on the box to ensure that the markers are non-toxic, allowing you to draw on the skin without any worries.

Don’t ever use markers on damaged or irritated skin. Stop using a marker at once if irritation or an allergic reaction appears.

Drawing on the skin needs precision and the long-term durability of the ink. Ensuring proper skin marker tips and consistent ink flow will provide you with the accuracy you are looking for. The sterility and ink authenticity of skin markers will also give you confidence that your skin is protected and taken care of.

Additional Questions

What pen do I use to draw on skin for tattooing?

If you’re planning on drawing directly onto skin ahead of a tattoo, we strongly advise using a **Sterile Skin Marker designed specifically for Freehand Tattooing**. The ink in these pens is specifically formulated to show clearly on the skin, making it easy to apply and long-lasting. They’ve become crucial tools for professionals not only in the tattoo industry but also across the medical and dental sectors. As an experienced professional in these industries, I can attest to their convenience and reliability, as supported by various scientific studies.

What markers are safe to draw on skin?

When you think about safety while drawing on the skin, **Sharpie Fine Point Markers** come on top. However, even while using these, one should steer clear of sensitive areas such as around the eyes or on the lips. I would caution against using King Size Sharpie, Magnum Sharpie, and Touch-Up Sharpie because they contain xylene, a substance that can significantly impact the nervous system and potentially affect other organs too.

What do tattoo artists use to freehand drawing on skin?

Freehand tattoo artists often utilize a variety of techniques and tools to create their art directly on the skin. Some prefer to sketch an initial draft with a marker, following up with a sealing spray to lock in the design before they start the tattooing process. Other artists might use an assortment of colourful markers to gradually construct a detailed design. These “permanent” markers are actually easily removable with certain types of soap and rubbing alcohol, allowing room for flexibility and iterations in the design process. Drawing on my firsthand experience and observed practices of other professionals, this approach is highly effective.

What is the best marker to use on skin?

For the best results when marking on the skin, **a Sterile Skin Marker for Freehand Tattooing** offers the highest standard. It specifically targets the needs of professionals who need to mark or draw directly onto skin. The ink is designed to apply seamlessly and stay on longer, making it suitable for a range of professional uses, from the tattoo industry to medical fields, and it’s the marker I recommend to my peers most often.

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