Best chalk markers for chalkboard paint 2023


The colorful world of pens. Today: chalk markers. Perhaps you have already heard of it. Kind of a cross between chalk and a marker. How is that supposed to work? Is it something you might use in the home? What about children? Or are these just pens that you can do very special things with?

It would be great if you could use them for many things, and they are safe to use when kids are around. Let’s not chalk anything to the chalk, because a chalk marker, is not only practical but also pretty cool!

What are chalk markers actually?

In fact: a chalk marker is a mixture of a marker, i.e. a thicker felt-tip pen, and a piece of chalk. Now you just have to imagine that the piece of chalk is in the casing of a marker. Or rather, it flows, because this chalk is liquid.

Chalk is water-soluble by nature. However, it also settles quickly, which explains why the markers are relatively thick, just like a felt-tip pen, and have a thicker tip, unlike an ink pen, for example.

The liquid chalk is in the pen and must be shaken up before use so that it is evenly liquid. The water-chalk mixture is then applied to the surface through the tip. Done!

The markers are available in different colors and have up to two different tips: oblique and round.

What can they be used for?

The areas of application of the pens are rich. Here we list a few of the creative possibilities:


Since most chalk painters are suitable for children, being water-based, the pens are great for creative fun at home or at school.
The crayons are non-toxic, making them suitable for younger children under supervision. When used in a coloring book, the paint cannot be removed, but it can be on smooth surfaces like a table. Coloring each other is no problem, chalk washes off well. Even from the clothes!

The decoration of the windows can now also be taken over in the best way itself. The markers also hold on to glass and can be washed off here just as easily. At Christmastime, this is especially fun: a Christmas star, snowflakes, or even the whole list for the Christ Child painted on the window. There are no limits to the imagination. Who paints less gladly from freehand, which can fall back to window picture stencils. So you can color directly on the window.


Annoying chaos on the plastic – cans in the freezer or refrigerator can find an end. You can simply label the cans and wash them off after use. Attention: the material must be absolutely smooth!

The same goes for coffee cups, tooth cups, bags, jars, and freezer bags. It has never been easier to label your everyday stuff so that you can read it and simply wipe it off when needed.


If you like to paint and draw, you can use a chalk marker here too. Mixed with other drawing tools, pencils or chalk, or both, wonderful effects can be conjured up. It is then of course also suitable for the design of their own postcards, invitation cards, and place card.


Several surfaces, one pen. Practical, isn’t it? If you have to present something, it is not uncommon to carry around too much. A chalk marker can be used on paper, the flip chart, as well as on a blackboard. It cannot be removed from the paper, but it can be easily removed from the board and the chart.

Such a pen also cuts a fine figure on the construction site. Label windows, note building dimensions, label tools.

Do you have your own café? Here, too, the marker can be used wherever there is a smooth surface. Decorate but times quite personal and leave your customers a dear greeting.

Best Chalk Markers

CHALKY CROWN Bold Chalk Markers

CHALKY CROWN Bold Chalk Markers

  • Non-toxic materials.
  • Easy wipe-out formula.

Bandle B. Liquid Chalk Markers

Bandle B. Liquid Chalk Markers

  • Write on any primed chalkboard, glass, gloss, or other non-porous surfaces.
  • Easy to use and erase.

Arteza Liquid Chalk Markers

Arteza Liquid Chalk Markers
  • Certified safe & non-toxic.
  • Replaceable chisel tips.

‎Chalkola Extra Fine Tip Liquid Chalk Markers

Chalkola Extra Fine Tip Liquid Chalk Markers


  • Long-lasting.
  • Non-toxic, kid-safe & odorless.

WEISBRANDT UltraColor Vibrant Liquid Chalk Markers

WEISBRANDT UltraColor Vibrant Liquid Chalk Markers


  • Reversible 6 mm tip.
  • Dustless, non-toxic, odorless, and washable formula.

What to look for when buying chalk markers?

When buying, make sure that if you have children, the chalk is also suitable for them. The markers are available in many colors, in different strengths, and with different tips. Under the products are often helpful customer testimonials and other suggestions on how to use the pens. Make sure they are of good quality, for the sake of your kids and your projects.

You can also buy accessories:

  • Blackboard stickers

These are small stickers, similar to a small chalkboard, to stick on. If you have a product that you want or need to label over and over again, this is often more helpful and useful in the long run than labeling and cleaning the whole product over and over again.

  • Blackboard paint

There is blackboard paint to buy, they simply paint on a smooth surface. You can even mix this with magnetic paint. The effect, for example, for a child’s room or the hallway: a writable wall on which notes stick.

The right way to use a chalk marker

There is not much to do, but there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • do not let the pens dry out;
  • when pumping for the first time, be careful otherwise the tips might get broken;
  • shake well, so that the water – chalk – the mixture is well distributed;
  • first, test whether the liquid chalk can be wiped off again when dry;
  • make sure that you only write on smooth surfaces, otherwise, the chalk will settle in the gaps.


Chalk markers are practical, inexpensive, colorful, child-safe, versatile, and above all fun.

They can be perfectly combined with creative ideas and the need for order. No matter whether in the job, in the household, or in the spare time. Actually, they belong in every home.

Drawing On Glass With Arteza Chalk Markers – Video

Additional Questions

What type of marker should be used on chalkboard paint?

You should opt for chalk markers when writing or drawing on chalkboard paint. These markers work well on non-porous surfaces, including chalkboards and surfaces like plastic, vinyl, ceramic, metal, and whiteboards. They can also be used on porous materials such as paper, concrete, chalkboard-painted walls, wood, and MDF chalkboards, but it’s important to note that porous surfaces may absorb some of the ink, which can make erasing more challenging.

Can chalk markers be used on blackboard paint?

Yes, you can use chalk markers on blackboard paint. In fact, chalk markers are compatible with all chalkboard surfaces, in addition to non-porous or sealed ones. This includes materials like glass, adding to chalk markers’ versatility. I’ve personally used chalk markers on an array of surfaces and found them to be effective.

Are chalk markers suitable for use on rustoleum chalkboard paint?

Indeed, you can use liquid chalk markers and chalk pens on rustoleum chalkboard paint, both will yield noticeable results. However, it’s worth noting that they may be slightly more difficult to erase than traditional chalk, especially if left on the surface for a prolonged period. My advice, learned from experience, is to use a damp cloth to erase the marks.

What’s a good alternative to chalk markers?

If you’re looking for an alternative to chalk markers, I highly recommend dry-erase markers. Suitable for use on whiteboards, glass, and nonporous surfaces, they can be easily wiped away with a piece of cloth or even your hand, making them perfect for temporary use. They come in a variety of colors and sizes, giving you a wide range of options to choose from based on your specific needs.

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