Acrylic paints

Acrylics are often used in art pick. Acrylic paints are based on a water-soluble polyacrylic emulsion. After drying, they form a coating with excellent performance and aesthetic properties.

For example, surfaces painted with acrylic paint have the following properties:

  • retain the brightness of the coating for at least 12 years;
  • are not affected by water and any other solvents, except for special ones
  • do not burn and do not emit harmful substances when heated
  • more stable in comparison with any other paints.

Acrylic paint is pleasant and convenient to use:

  • it is odorless;
  • stains and drops which have not dried out are easily washed away, leaving no traces;
  • the coating dries quickly.

The paint is absolutely safe and can be used for any premises, including children’s rooms.

Polyacrylic paints are widely used in construction, interior decoration, and various artworks. Depending on the field of application their composition varies. Among them the following groups of paints can be distinguished:

  • for construction and finishing works;
  • for covering metals;
  • For decorative and artistic works.

There are also universal paints suitable for all kinds of works.

According to solvent type paints can be subdivided into two kinds: waterborne or organic solvent-borne.

Water dispersion paints are mainly used for internal interior works. This type of paint is environmentally safe and harmless to health.

Compounds on the basis of organic solvents are more often used for construction and exterior finishing works. Paints on this basis are suitable for use at any temperature and create a durable, mildew-free coating. In addition to the facade and finish work, these paints are used in the automotive industry.

Acrylic paints are widely used in construction for facade and interior work, in the automotive industry, for artistic and decorative works.

Exterior facade paints can be applied to such difficult-to-paint surfaces as concrete, wood, and metal. Professionals recommend applying a colorless fixer that extends the life of the coating.

Water-based paints are used in interior works. They are highly opaque and have good air permeability.

Decorative paints differ in a variety of assortment that allows realizing any plan of an artist or decorator. They are also used in the work of nail design masters.